A12-2 gas cylinder regulator

Product Numbers: A12-2

Product alias: gas constant pressure regulator

Medium: CO2

Inlet pressure: 0-250bar

Measuring range: 0-10bar

Rated pressure: 4bar

Intake link: side-out type G5/8 threaded button, no other tools are needed, just screw it by hand

Output flow; 2.5mL/min

Outlet link: lock connector

Material: Brass

Surface treatment: bright

Packing size: 17cm*10cm*4.5cm

Weight; 0.4kg

Purpose: CO2 pressure reducing valve

Remarks: Other gas decompression preparation tables can be customized and the threaded ruler of the gas inlet and outlet link can be modified; the gas outlet pressure can be customized according to the user's modification and design.

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A12-2 gas cylinder regulator

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