How to expand market channels for new brand enterprises in instrument industry


        he scale of enterprises in the instrument industry is generally small, scattered and weak. It is not easy for many new brands at home and abroad to enter the market in such fierce competition, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises when everything starts from scratch. How can new brands of instruments do a good job in the market channel“ The Enterprise Research Institute of "yishanghui" has carried out detailed research and analysis to see how the new brands of the instrument industry enter the market channels.

        1、 Lock in the "small" market and look for "big" development

The president of brand a is the technical director of the former state-owned enterprises. He has a deep understanding of the product technology research and development. When he started a new enterprise in the sea, it has also experienced a fierce ideological struggle. The fierce competition in the instrument industry is an indisputable fact. It is an analysis of the general purpose, Haiguang and Jitian... Plus the number of brands of two or three brands, how to enter? Which market is it entering? And in what way? Brand a adopts the strategy of market follower to follow up the general market.


        1. Universal atomic fluorescence has won the customer market by the mass employee coverage positioning of mid-end products, which has been successfully opened up. Because the products are general-purpose products, the market risk is not large.

        2. The market distribution is relatively concentrated in colleges, scientific research institutions, food and drug, chemical industry and other industries. Single industry is selected to carry out breakthroughs. Although the competition is fierce, the products are relatively popular and the competition in the segmentation market is strong. However, due to the insufficient competition, the market has a relatively large relative capacity.


        It is a realistic strategy to locate the new brand in the instrument industry to the market segmentation. Because of the high customer relationship, the market can win the support of several benchmark customers. By taking the benchmark as an example, the brand degree can be established rapidly in the industry, which can win the trust of more customers in the same field. Although the market is small, it is always 100 times better than being able to stand in the mass market. Many new brands in the instrument industry do not accurately locate according to their own strength and market conditions before entering the market, which makes it more difficult to enter the market. It is common to think that their technology is very strong, the products are not inferior to the benchmarking enterprises, too confident, and strong desire to realize themselves makes many small and medium-sized enterprises overestimate their strength, and pledge to become the leading brand of the market after a firm promise. What is not "self devaluation" with other brands, It is not known that this kind of determination and face psychology can not move the market competitors to open up one side, but will arouse their unhappy and powerful suppression. Secondly, we only pursue a broad market space. Many small enterprises' products are not located in the market segments, but think that these small markets have no "money" path. To do large markets with a market capacity of billions or more, these markets are large, but the competitors are stronger and the competition is more fierce. It is meaningless to eat the cake if it is no longer large.


        1. Select a segment market with few competitors.

        2. Be a challenger or follower in the segment.

        2、 Concentrate varieties and enter the market with reasonable pricing

In the early stage of entering the market, new brands often impact the market with low price. However, if the detailed analysis is not conducted for customers, low price impact market will often result in the brand popularity not established, the enterprise profits are too low and the ability of sustainable survival is lack. Therefore, the Institute of enterprise research of "instrument and commerce exchange" suggests that the new brand should be designed in a low, medium and medium level in the product structure The three high-end product specifications, with low-end entry-level products to pry open the market, to win profits from medium and high-end products, through the search for suitable regional dealers for channel laying, to show dealers the technical strength of the company. But the disadvantages of this approach are also obvious. The more product lines will increase the cost of production, transportation and management, which is more unfavorable to forming their own superior products.


        1. The product less from production, distribution, management will be greatly simplified, and cost savings; Can focus on, facilitate product promotion; Reduce the investment in the distribution and the risk of the dealer's funds.

        2. Tight price and old brand enterprises can avoid the impact of low price on competitors and cause the pressure of competitors; Keep profit space convenient for channel operation.


        It is often seen that some small and medium-sized brand products are very rich, but none of them are recognized by the market. The investment is more, and the choice of consumers is no longer to establish a brand and occupy the market; The method of using low price to impact mature brands to achieve the goal of entering the market has been used too much. Can small and medium-sized enterprises only do articles on low price?

The decrease of profit space means the reduction of the price control space of enterprises, so we can not win by low price when making the market price of products.


        1. Do not over breed, highlight one or two single products.

        2. Price follows the leader of the segment market, maintains the price system and maintains reasonable profit.

        3、 Reduce channel threshold and multi-channel marketing

Generally, new instrument brands will be marketing in the sub market, and dealers with equal resources will be selected in the regional market. Although the advantages of this model are obvious, they are not suitable for all products, especially small brands with little advertising investment, and no advertising investment plan and terminal promotion support, Naturally, there is no way to ask dealers to promise the bargaining chip of annual sales volume, but many small and medium-sized enterprises ignore this, and still stubborn hope to find the ideal dealers, and the development of the channels is slow.


        1. In the channel construction, we should take time and effort to carefully screen, find the agents in the region that are really suitable for their own brand to cooperate deeply, ensure the short, medium and long-term interests of the channel merchants, and avoid the worries of the channel merchants.

        2. The medium and low-end products will be favorable to channel merchants and the distribution of sales channels of enterprises will be established quickly.


        For the instrument industry, the channel construction of small and medium-sized enterprises has always been a difficult problem. Powerful dealers will despise new brands, and the dealers with less power have less customer resources and small influence, and enterprises dare not easily put out the agency right. In addition, the profit space of small brand products is not necessarily nor will it cause the interest of dealers. Mature brands have stable shipping volume, and dealers can profit from quantity. New brands must exchange enough profit space and good market prospects for dealers to take on the market risks of new products.


        1. In the initial period of brand construction, it is beneficial to channel merchants, encourage a small amount of trial sales, and drive the market with many points.

        2. Profit is one of the most important advantages of new brands. Channel price should have enough profit space to stimulate dealers' nerves.

        3. New brands should not consider the channel regulation problem too much first, and multiple channels should enter the market to the maximum extent for the purpose of enlarging and gradually standardizing.

        4、 Insist on low input terminal publicity

Many new brands will encounter the same problem, not to invest in advertising products can not sell, with only capital investment is only a cup of water pay can not play a role. Brand a chooses the promotion mode of small input of terminal to accumulate, and wins by quantity. Select the corresponding keywords on Baidu for controlled launch, design and produce many small gifts with low cost but not easily lost by customers, distribute posters and soft advertisements from time to time in wechat group, and do not set up exhibition spaces, distribute materials and gifts, establish multi-channel brand construction on the Internet and under the Internet. Through multi-point display, customers can be displayed at different times The location can be understood and accepted gradually.


        1. The cost of these terminals is low, but the effect of publicity can not be ignored.

        2. Have the multi-level marketing idea of the Internet and the Internet, spend less and do more.


        Small and medium-sized enterprises are afraid to mention publicity and promotion, which is a bottomless hole, and no strong strength is a taboo to keep silent. But I don't mention that the dealer will mention that consumers must also understand your products through publicity. Therefore, many enterprises can only treat terminal propaganda negatively, or put in huge investment in pain. Without money, they can only do the first screen advertising and not build special exhibition stands in large exhibitions, It is not equal to not being able to release color page materials and small gifts on the free platform of the network and the exhibition site. Do not use "good and small but not for", a keyword is put on, and a color page is always better than any publicity.

Not enough publicity costs are not excuses for not doing propaganda and promotion, from quantitative to qualitative change, as long as all the efforts are accumulated carefully will be reflected in the market returns.


        1. If the power is not enough, don't invest the only money into the first screen advertising of the vertical portal on the special booth of large exhibition and the vertical portal of the industry.

        2. Insist on "small advertising", put the publicity materials directly in front of consumers.

        5、 Seeking strategic cooperation and enhancing competitive power

        Although the a brand is a technical specialty, the popularity of new brands always feels not professional. Therefore, it is the way for enterprises to seek the platform of channel marketing and service in the division of industrialization, carry out strategic cooperation and enhance competitive strength.


        1. Brand a has better product assurance. From the product quality, we strengthened our market position.

        2. Have more energy to engage in marketing promotion work.


        Small and medium-sized enterprises should concentrate on what they are good at, have a long-term view, and rely on their "hard work" to adapt to the cruel competition reality. They know that cooperation with other enterprises is an effective means to promote the development and growth of enterprises.


        1. If you find platform cooperation, don't be afraid that your profits will be shared by others. Whether it is management, technology or joint influence, it will have a pretty good return.

        2. Put energy on brand marketing to push on a wide range, R & D, production can find more professional enterprises to do. Brand management is much more valuable than OEM processing, so the input-output ratio of this energy is the largest.

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