Note: there are different requirements for exporting gas equipment to different countries


        (1) North American market: AMS:

AMS (Automated Manifest System) is a multi-mode data processing system suitable for ocean, air and railway transportation. According to the regulations of the US customs, all goods to the US or transit to a third country through the US must be declared to the US Customs 24 hours before shipment. Otherwise, there will be a fine of USD5000, AMS fee of 25 US dollars per ticket, and amendment of 40 US dollars per ticket.

Other countries that need to declare AMS are Canada and Mexico

At present, gas equipment to North American market first meet the standards, the standards are ASME, dot, TC, etc. At present, only a few pressure vessels and cylinders can be exported to the United States. The reason is that it is difficult for other countries to export to the United States due to different tax rates and costs after anti-dumping.

        (2) EU countries: declare ENS:

From January 1, 2011, the European Union will enforce the rules of "advance declaration of manifest", or ens, for all cargo going to or passing through EU ports, which is applicable to all 27 EU Member States. The cost is $25-35.

At the same time, the pressure vessel should comply with the EU certification, including PED / tped and other directives.

        (3) Packaging requirements: fumigation:

At present, all countries have requirements for log export packaging, which must be fumigated. It can only be used as wood packaging for export after being fumigated or heat-treated with methyl bromide in accordance with ISPM15 standard by qualified label application enterprises and applied with IPPC label.

The cost of log fumigation is high and the cutting time is long. At present, the plywood pallets without fumigation are widely used. Generally, there is no need to deal with and apply IPPC logo, and there is no need to issue fumigation free certificate (there is no such certificate at present).

At present, the tray size is generally 1100x1100mm. Wooden cases should be based on the specific specifications of the equipment.

        (4) Certificate of origin requirements:

Different regions have different requirements for certificate of origin, as follows:


        The general certificate of origin (C / O) is a kind of certificate that the goods originated in a particular country or region and enjoy the normal tariff (most favored nation) treatment of the importing country. Its scope of application is: tariff collection, trade statistics, discriminatory quantitative restrictions, anti-dumping and countervailing, origin mark, government procurement, etc. Any country can do Co. Full name: Certificate of origin.


        Form a GSP certificate of origin is an official certificate with legal effect for China's export products to further reduce or reduce import duties on the basis of the preferential country tax rate. There are 38 preferential countries in the world (that is to say, only export to these countries can do f / a): 27 EU countries (Belgium, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian Hungary, Malta, Cyprus, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania), Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Japan, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Full name: generalized system of preferences certification for origin.


        Form e is a preferential certificate of origin used in China ASEAN Free Trade Area. At present, the countries that issue form e certificate include brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Form D is the certificate of origin of ASEAN Free Trade Area( Form D is equal to form e, which is generally called form d in foreign countries.


        China Chile Free Trade Area certificate of origin (form f) free trade agreement between the government of the people's Republic of China and the government of the Republic of Chile, single China Chile Free Trade Area form f certificate of origin!

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